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Safety Data Sheets

Axalta Safety Data Sheets - English


Type SDS File Name Date Added Filesize
  PDF AX_420_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 145.90 KB
  PDF AX_310A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 134.53 KB
  PDF AX_400A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 140.71 KB
  PDF AX_410A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 140.52 KB
  PDF AX_421_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 153.01 KB
  PDF AX_425_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.57 KB
  PDF AX_426_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 150.24 KB
  PDF AX_430A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.31 KB
  PDF AX_431A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.28 KB
  PDF AX_432A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.75 KB
  PDF AX_433A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.75 KB
  PDF AX_434A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.08 KB
  PDF AX_435A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.37 KB
  PDF AX_436A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.14 KB
  PDF AX_437A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.65 KB
  PDF AX_438A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.32 KB
  PDF AX_460A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 134.14 KB
  PDF AX_495_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 100.43 KB
  PDF AX_705_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.65 KB
  PDF AX_712A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.67 KB
  PDF AX_715_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 153.19 KB
  PDF AX_766A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 140.67 KB
  PDF AX_5718S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 179.19 KB
  PDF AX_HT800_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 113.10 KB
  PDF AX_PS4000_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 100.21 KB
  PDF AX_107_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 131.54 KB
  PDF AX_107C_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 131.58 KB
  PDF AX_130_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 133.96 KB
  PDF AX_205A_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 138.14 KB
  PDF AX_226S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 181.39 KB
PDF AX_200_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 132.98 KB
PDF AX_210_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 127.47 KB
PDF AX_220_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 128.83 KB
PDF AX_225_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 135.56 KB
PDF AX_225S_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 193.58 KB
PDF AX_265_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 110.05 KB
PDF AX_275_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 141.16 KB
PDF AX_300_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 142.04 KB
PDF AX_1700SC_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 141.08 KB
PDF AX_2280S_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 136.12 KB
PDF AX_2281S_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 127.19 KB
PDF AX_3642SC_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 215.50 KB
PDF AX_DP3170_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 131.57 KB
PDF AX_DP5150_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 145.44 KB
PDF AX_DP5150DG_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 144.99 KB
PDF AX_DP5150W_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 145.45 KB
PDF AX_TH98742_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 140.95 KB
PDF AX_TRP35_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 149.33 KB
PDF AX_105_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 196.89 KB
PDF AX_108_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 148.06 KB
PDF AX_139_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 135.54 KB
PDF AX_5717S_SDS_EN.pdf 15-Nov-2021 192.96 KB

Cromax Safety Data Sheets - English


Type SDS File Name Date Added Filesize
  PDF CX_832J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.44 KB
  PDF CX_833J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.71 KB
  PDF CX_841J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.67 KB
  PDF CX_843J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.00 KB
  PDF CX_845J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.50 KB
  PDF CX_850J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.00 KB
  PDF CX_853J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.74 KB
  PDF CX_890J_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.16 KB
  PDF CX_12395S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 133.92 KB
  PDF CX_62155F_SDS_FR.pdf 19-Nov-2020 149.02 KB
  PDF CX_A-2330S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 140.41 KB
  PDF CX_EZ114_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 118.63 KB
  PDF CX_EZ121_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 118.82 KB
  PDF CX_EZ123_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 118.77 KB
  PDF CX_LE1007S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.08 KB
  PDF CX_LE1170S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.56 KB
  PDF CX_821J_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 145.21 KB
  PDF CX_EZ102_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 123.30 KB
  PDF CX_EZ105_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 123.25 KB
  PDF CX_EZ107_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 123.14 KB
  PDF CX_EZ108_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 123.42 KB
  PDF CX_EZ109_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 123.26 KB
  PDF CX_EZ111_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 117.55 KB
  PDF CX_EZ112_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 117.36 KB
  PDF CX_EZ113_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 117.63 KB
  PDF CX_EZ120_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 123.37 KB
  PDF CX_EZ124_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 117.57 KB
  PDF CX_EZ125_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 117.76 KB
  PDF CX_EZ137_SDS_EN.pdf 1-Jun-2021 118.30 KB
  PDF CX_EZ42_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 103.87 KB
  PDF CX_EZ45_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 104.17 KB
  PDF CX_EZ46_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.14 KB
  PDF CX_131S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.38 KB
  PDF CX_150K_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.16 KB
  PDF CX_175K_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.87 KB
  PDF CX_222S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 150.90 KB
  PDF CX_304S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.51 KB
  PDF CX_305S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.91 KB
  PDF CX_306S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.88 KB
  PDF CX_459S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 140.22 KB
  PDF CX_480S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 156.07 KB
  PDF CX_615S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 154.06 KB
  PDF CX_616S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 152.31 KB
  PDF CX_801J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 141.62 KB
  PDF CX_802J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.79 KB
  PDF CX_803J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.71 KB
  PDF CX_805J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.93 KB
  PDF CX_806J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.79 KB
  PDF CX_807J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.75 KB
  PDF CX_808J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.00 KB
  PDF CX_810J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.62 KB
  PDF CX_811J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.77 KB
  PDF CX_813J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.26 KB
  PDF CX_814J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.69 KB
  PDF CX_816J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.32 KB
  PDF CX_818J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.06 KB
  PDF CX_819J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.64 KB
  PDF CX_820J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.97 KB
  PDF CX_826J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.30 KB
  PDF CX_827J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.47 KB
  PDF CX_828J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.40 KB
  PDF CX_829J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.28 KB
  PDF CX_830J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.06 KB
  PDF CX_831J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.34 KB
  PDF CX_846J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.17 KB
  PDF CX_855J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.94 KB
  PDF CX_858J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.37 KB
  PDF CX_861J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.98 KB
  PDF CX_862J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.26 KB
  PDF CX_864J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.17 KB
  PDF CX_866J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.17 KB
  PDF CX_870J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.34 KB
  PDF CX_878J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.02 KB
  PDF CX_881J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.87 KB
  PDF CX_882J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.68 KB
  PDF CX_884J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.25 KB
  PDF CX_885J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.19 KB
  PDF CX_886J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.11 KB
  PDF CX_891J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.61 KB
  PDF CX_893J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.47 KB
  PDF CX_894J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.79 KB
  PDF CX_895J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.19 KB
  PDF CX_908J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.87 KB
  PDF CX_913J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.25 KB
  PDF CX_915J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.96 KB
  PDF CX_962J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.77 KB
  PDF CX_979J_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.97 KB
  PDF CX_1001S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.71 KB
  PDF CX_1002S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 96.72 KB
  PDF CX_1003S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 103.75 KB
  PDF CX_1004S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.66 KB
  PDF CX_1005S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.71 KB
  PDF CX_1006S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 104.00 KB
  PDF CX_1007S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.71 KB
  PDF CX_1009S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.36 KB
  PDF CX_1010S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 103.97 KB
  PDF CX_1011S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.71 KB
  PDF CX_1012S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.61 KB
  PDF CX_1014S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.54 KB
  PDF CX_1018S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.66 KB
  PDF CX_1020S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.26 KB
  PDF CX_1021S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.13 KB
  PDF CX_1023S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 97.12 KB
  PDF CX_1024S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.34 KB
  PDF CX_1025S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.43 KB
  PDF CX_1027S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.00 KB
  PDF CX_1028S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 103.99 KB
  PDF CX_1029S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 96.57 KB
  PDF CX_1030S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 105.01 KB
  PDF CX_1031S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 109.34 KB
  PDF CX_1032S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 109.32 KB
  PDF CX_1051S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 134.20 KB
  PDF CX_1052S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.41 KB
  PDF CX_1053S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 96.63 KB
  PDF CX_1054S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.21 KB
  PDF CX_1055S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 104.99 KB
  PDF CX_1056S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 106.47 KB
  PDF CX_1057S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 104.90 KB
  PDF CX_1058S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 104.84 KB
  PDF CX_2310S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 95.71 KB
  PDF CX_2311S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 154.20 KB
  PDF CX_2319S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 135.72 KB
  PDF CX_2320S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 134.72 KB
  PDF CX_2322S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.59 KB
  PDF CX_2330S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.69 KB
  PDF CX_2362S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 138.21 KB
  PDF CX_2363S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.86 KB
  PDF CX_2370S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.58 KB
  PDF CX_2503S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 221.33 KB
  PDF CX_2505S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 155.11 KB
  PDF CX_2507S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 155.51 KB
  PDF CX_2509S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 151.52 KB
  PDF CX_2510S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 151.04 KB
  PDF CX_2540S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 154.04 KB
  PDF CX_2570S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 153.99 KB
  PDF CX_2580CR_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 154.49 KB
  PDF CX_2590S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 153.28 KB
  PDF CX_3900S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.74 KB
  PDF CX_3909S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 110.69 KB
  PDF CX_3919SC_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 138.58 KB
  PDF CX_3939S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.22 KB
  PDF CX_4004S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 151.41 KB
  PDF CX_4075S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.61 KB
  PDF CX_4105S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.87 KB
  PDF CX_4530S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.58 KB
  PDF CX_4531S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.12 KB
  PDF CX_4950S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 148.70 KB
  PDF CX_7160S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 150.20 KB
  PDF CX_7175S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 157.65 KB
  PDF CX_7185S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 139.13 KB
  PDF CX_7195S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 132.02 KB
  PDF CX_7601S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.97 KB
  PDF CX_7704S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.39 KB
  PDF CX_7775S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 148.40 KB
  PDF CX_7900S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.35 KB
  PDF CX_7975S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.38 KB
  PDF CX_7985S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.48 KB
  PDF CX_10001S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.97 KB
  PDF CX_10002S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.24 KB
  PDF CX_10003S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.98 KB
  PDF CX_10004S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 145.97 KB
  PDF CX_10005S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.17 KB
  PDF CX_10006S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 147.18 KB
  PDF CX_10007S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 146.04 KB
  PDF CX_11000S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 140.44 KB
  PDF CX_11002S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.08 KB
  PDF CX_11003S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 144.74 KB
  PDF CX_11005S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 133.66 KB
  PDF CX_11007S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.65 KB
  PDF CX_11075S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 138.09 KB
  PDF CX_11095S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 137.45 KB
  PDF CX_12303S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 134.08 KB
  PDF CX_12305S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 134.72 KB
  PDF CX_12365S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 142.24 KB
  PDF CX_12375S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 143.93 KB
  PDF CX_12385S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 139.85 KB
  PDF CX_19301S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 149.18 KB
  PDF CX_19379S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 135.30 KB
  PDF CX_22806S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 151.62 KB
  PDF CX_22808S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 139.26 KB
  PDF CX_22880S_SDS_EN.pdf 26-Aug-2021 151.84 KB