Metal Furniture, Playground and Amusement Park Equipment

For casual outdoor metal furniture applications, Alesta coatings are designed to enable manufacturers to appeal to the style conscious consumer. Alesta thermoset powder coatings offer a variety of colors, surface finishes and special effects that provide a durable finish that is desirable to this market and endure the test of time. Commercial furniture such as park benches, playground equipment, trash receptacles benefit from Abcite thermoplastic powder coatings, which are based on the same polymer used for the hard outer surface of golf balls, have been specifically formulated as a tough, chip-resistant finish providing excellent corrosion and UV protection without the need for a primer.

Thermoplastic Abcite and Flamulit brands by Axalta coat materials that need protection against corrosion and provide a cushion to minimize the effects of impact on surfaces such as playground and sports equipment.

Ganicin® zinc coatings are formulated to provide a very high level of corrosion protection for use in highly corrosive industrial environments. Ganicin includes zinc-containing urethane and epoxy primers that are designed to be highly corrosion-resistant. It can be spray applied and also used as a touch-up (spot repair) on organic or inorganic zinc-rich coatings.

The new Ganicin 2.8 ZR-U primer has been formulated to offer maximum corrosion protection when used over steel surfaces. It is ideal for use under Axalta Corlar® epoxy primers or Imron® urethane primers to help deliver exceptional protection for materials exposed to highly corrosive environments and in market such as new construction, fabrication, shipping containers and amusement parks.

Plascoat Products

The Plascoat family of products, which includes Plascoat PPA 571 and Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua and Talisman among others, are now part of Axalta’s thermoplastic coatings portfolio. These highly durable coatings can be used for numerous applications, from fencing and street furniture, to automotive parts, stadium seat frames, and dishwasher baskets.  Product formulations combine corrosion and abrasion resistance under tough operating and climate conditions while offering uses that meet an array of EU and FDA food safety requirements and ISO standards for internal and external surfaces.

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