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Free Mobile Color Matching App for Powder Coaters


The free tool allows users to scan any surface and easily match it to an Alesta® stock powder coating hue which increases productivity by eliminating the wait for a sample powder or color chip delivery. The app also gives users the option to request additional information such as product codes, chemistry details, or the opportunity to order color chips delivered directly to them.


Powder Coatings

Axalta powder coatings offer a superb technology with benefits for many industrial applications. These products have earned a reputation for corrosion resistance and durability due to superior edge coverage, thick film build, and no primer required. With virtually zero levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and targeted hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), powder coatings are designed to respond to environmental demands while meeting customer requirements. In addition, powder coatings are free from solvents and do not leave traces of residual solvents in the coating film. Powder also has good resistance to hydrolysis, and low oxygen and moisture transmission. Powder comes ready to use, is easy to apply and requires minimal operator training. With powder coatings, over-sprayed material can be re-used, reducing waste. The combined considerations of cost, environmental acceptability, worker safety, and ease of use make powder coatings a bright choice for the finishing industry.

Axalta powder coatings deliver superior coverage and transfer efficiency so more can be accomplished in less time. But higher yields are just the beginning. Available in a variety of technologies for a broad range of applications, Axalta powder coatings are easy to use and backed by the technical support of Axalta specialists. Our team is dedicated to helping you find new ways to improve productivity and reduce overall costs—so you can deliver superior quality products to meet your customers’ needs. Our top-line powder coating brands meet performance standards set by leading manufacturers and industry organizations.