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Checklist for a problem-free powder coating process

is designed as a tool for the operator of a powder coating plant with injector delivery, to identify and detect the most frequent problems, to suggest possible causes, and to propose remedial action. A powder coating, in the context of this VdL check list, is a coating which is applied in dry powder form to a conductive substrate by electrostatic spraying. Thermosetting binders are generally for the manufacture of these powder coating materials, although some thermoplastic materials are also suitable. 

Metallic effect powder coatings 

stand out with their great brightness, optical depth and fascinating colour effects under changing light conditions. This phenomenon known as “metallic flip” creates the enhanced visual appeal of these powder coatings. Produced from highly-quality special effect pigments, the effect of Axalta metallic powder coatings depend on many parameters such as type and quantity of metallic/mica pigments, metallic process (dry-blend, bonded), observation angle, basecoat….