Automotive Coatings

Stone chip-resistant thermoplastic coatings for automotive springs, clips and pipes

The automotive and transportation market is well known for its highest standards and specifications: safety and long-lasting performance are key. Axalta manufactures a range of thermoplastic powder coatings that are used routinely on many of the leading automobile brands. Our coatings are popular because they are tough, flexible and stone chip resistant.
As a trusted supplier to the car industry, Axalta complies with industry specific requirements such as continuous type testing. This means that our customers can be assured that they receive products that exactly match their specification. Axalta thermoplastic coatings can be used to protect all kind of automotive accessories: bike racks, pipe fuel tanks, battery casings, door hangs, chassis, springs or all other parts exposed to stone impacts.

Market requirements

  • Superior corrosion resistance, specially to salt corrosion
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility, no cracking on moving parts
  • UV stability
  • Oil resistance
  • High adhesion and flexibility
  • Electrical insulation
  • Noise dampening properties
  • Good edge coverage